Alaina was always told she should model with her natural beauty and looks. She loves the creativity and stories that can be told thru modeling. She is both confident and determined to be the star she was born to become. Everything about Alaina is unique. Unapologetically her one hundred percent of the time. When not modeling she’s a girls highschool basketball coach and she loves making clothes, like distressing denim clothing. Fashion is truly her passion.

Alaina is her own inspiration and wants to have several things going for herself.She wants to wow you with her clothes on, and at the same time have all the self confidence in the world to be naked in front of anyone. With so many things to accomplish, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for her.



Height: 5′ 7″ | Weight: 145 lbs | Hair color: Brown | Eye Color: Brown | Bust: 32 | Cup: C | Waist: 27 | Hips: N/A | Shoe: 10


Height: 5′ 7″ | Weight: 150 | Hair color: Black | Eye Color: Brown | Bust: 34 | Cup: DDD | Waist: 28 | Shoe: 8 | Dress: 6


Candace always felt like she had the model look and body. She would get stopped by random people who would ask her was she a model. She sets the tone for the things she wants, but is sometimes reserved.

She loves to encourage others, and dislikes those who discourage people. Candace’s strength comes from her experiences. In her words, “You can either let a situation make you or break you.” She’s genuine, thoughtful and always forgiving. Her hobbies include a good motivational book. She loves to collect vintage items, such as vintage coins. A fan of 70’s and 90’s movies, who also enjoys fitness and working out her body. She’s inspired by Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Angela Rye, the Bible, her older sister and African American fitness coaches.


Brittney started in Barbazon modeling school as a little girl. She’s been in the beauty industry for over 7 years and everything about a woman’s look inspires her. Originality is everything to Brittney.

Being yourself within modelling. She works in a salon as a stylist and is also an aspiring massage therapist. She loves spending time in the sun, traveling and site seeing. She enjoys spending time with her 9 year old son when she’s not working as well. She wants to help other women bring out their inner beauty, self worth and confidence. Her goal is to become an international model despite the stereotypes of short models having limitations.



Height: 5′ 0″ | Weight: 115 lbs | Hair color Light brown | Eye Color: Brown | Bust: 32 | Cup: C | Waist: 25 | Shoe: 6-6.5


Height: 5’4″ | Weight: 125lbs | Hair color: Dark Brown | Eye Color: Brown | Bust: 36 | Cup: B | Waist: 30 | Hips: 395 | Shoe: 7.5 


Growing up, Nicole would take tons of pictures as a young girl. She loved dressing up, coordinating her own outfits, and having her own sense of style. People would tell her how photogenic she was. Her humble beginnings make her unique and authentic, which leads to her creating her own ideas, and being a leader.

She enjoys caring for others, making people feel safe, and when she’s not modeling, she’s a full time nurse. She also enjoys dancing, and doing hair on the side. Her inspiration is the younger generation in her family, simply because they look up to her. Her goal is to give them the spark to be better.


​ Photographers and clothing designers recognized Cinnamon at the age of 17, but she didn’t take it serious until age of 19, when she realized she enjoyed it. She enjoyed just becoming someone different through her photoshoots and video. For her, it was escaping the real world. Her uniqueness is her versatility. She believes she can bring out any look. Outside of modeling Cinnamon enjoys being a mom. Her kids participate in hockey, karate, and dance. She enjoys participating with them in these activities. Her kids also serve as her inspiration.

They give her life, love, and support, and even criticism when needed. They push her daily and make her a better person, woman, and mother. The reason she is who she is today



Height: 5′ 5″ | Weight: 132 lbs | Hair color: Brown | Eye Color: Light Brown | Bust: 36 | Cup: C | Waist: 32 | Hips: 41 | Shoe: 7 |Dress: 7


Height: 5’9″ | Weight: 125 lbs | Hair color: Brunette | Eye Color: Dark Brown | Bust: 34 | Cup: B | Waist: 35 | Shoe: 8.5


Shoronne participated in her first publicized fashion show at the age of 17. It was at that point she realized that modeling was not only fun, but could be a serious career.

She is dedicated to coming up with new concepts and ideas to push the envelope. She enjoys traveling and exploring new food and is also known as the “Sexxy Foodie.” Her inspiration and drive comes from her dad who taught her hard work, and to find a way to do what makes you happy.


Katie first noticed she wanted to be a model in middle school and use it as an outlet of expression. It was something that also felt natural for her, and it comes through in her photos.

Her uniqueness is that she’s unapologetically her. She wants to be known for something she is, not something she’s not. What inspires her is giving back to her community. Being able to help her community is what motivates her to be great.

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Height: 5′ 3″ | Weight: 125 | Hair color: Dark brown | Eye Color: Dark brown | Bust: 32 | Cup: C | Waist: 27 | Hips: 40 | Shoe: 7